Terra Privacy Software

Windows 8


Important When Upgrading:
Uninstall your previous version before installing the new one.

Patented TTC NetSwitch was Terra Privacy LLC's original product. TTC NetSwitch shows every domain that the computer talks to (as well as local traffic), and it empowers you to choose who can talk and who cannot.

Note: TTC NetSwitch is no longer available for download. However, tutorials are availabe for current users.

Patented Hacker Deterrent introduced name-based whitelisting. Name-based whitelisting is used for application traffic; whereas reputation-based blacklisting is used for browser traffic.

Recommended For: Users of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers.

Patent-pending Hacker Deterrent Pro provides a 100% whitelisting solution — the ultimate protection. Hacker Deterrent Pro is available free of charge for beta testing prior to its commercial release on July 17, 2017.

Important: You must download and install the separate plugins for Chrome and Firefox browsers. See tutorial for instructions. Additional browsers will be supported in the near future.